Valuation of Addu International Airport Private Limited

February 7, 2021

FJS signs a contract with Ministry of Finance to carry out a valuation to determine a fair market value of Addu International Airport Private Limited on 10th January 2021. Addu International Airport, previously known as Gan International Airport was used as a domestic airport. Recently the airport was upgraded to international standards in preparation for international flights with the opening of tourist resorts in the area. The airport was run by the Government of Maldives (GoM) along with the technical assistance from Maldives Airports Company Private Limited (MACL) until January 2010. In early 2012, a joint venture was formed between GoM, KASA, MACL and State Trading Organization (STO) to form Addu International Airport. The Valuation exercise will be carried out by our associate valuers, Kanti Karamsey & Co.


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