FJS conducts the first ever study on domestic tourism in the Maldives

October 4, 2015

FJS conducted the first ever study on domestic tourism in the Maldives, commissioned by the Ministry of Tourism. The aim of the study was to understand the domestic tourism landscape in the Maldives and to compile a Maldives Tourism Satellite Account as a means of evaluating and analyzing in depth the effect of tourism on the economy and the characteristics of employment and human resource characteristics. As part of the study, FJS designed the research methodology and research instrument, carried out qualitative research (interviews with key stakeholders from the government and industry players), and carried out quantitative research through face-to-face interviews among 1,150 respondents across 18 islands. The findings were presented in a validation workshop and the report of findings was produced for publication. 

Photo by Mike Swigunski on Unsplash


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