Curriculum and Content Development for a Certificate Level 1 Program in Local Governance

March 4, 2013

FJS developed a curriculum and content for a certificate 1 level program in Local Governance including detailed training materials for 10 modules of the course, for Local Government Authority (LGA). The project was supported by UNDP Maldives. The 10 modules developed were:

  1. Good Governance
  2. Decentralisation and Local Governance
  3. Planning and Development
  4. Economic Sustainability in Service Provision
  5. Managerial Skills
  6. ICT in Public Service Delivery
  7. Financial Management
  8. Procurement and Property Management
  9. Project Cycle Management
  10. Monitoring and Evaluation

Detailed syllabus, trainer’s guide and session guide, slideshow for all sessions, study guide for the students were developed and a pilot training was conducted to local councilors/LGA training team.


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