FJS is excited to announce its membership with Nexia International, a global network of independent accounting and consulting firms. This strategic partnership enhances FJS’s ability to provide high-quality professional services to our clients worldwide and reinforces our position as a trusted Advisor and Auditor in the Maldives.

Nexia International, with a presence in over 270 member firms in over 125 countries, is renowned for its commitment to excellence and collaboration. By joining Nexia, FJS gains access to a global network of professionals, enabling us to tap into diverse expertise and resources to better serve our clients’ evolving needs.

“We are thrilled to become a member firm of Nexia, a global leader in professional services. This partnership brings several possibilities, including access to Nexia’s global expertise, and helps us to connect globally and stay ahead of industry trends.” said Fareeha Shareef, Managing Partner. “Furthermore, with Maldives being a world class tourism destination and a strong advocate for environmental protection and sustainable development, we are looking forward to leveraging our expertise with other members especially in the frontier of ESG. This is a significant step towards achieving our business goals, and we could not be more excited about what the future holds for us.”

As a member firm of Nexia International, FJS will have access to knowledge-sharing initiatives, conferences, and events, fostering continuous learning and professional growth. The exchange of best practices within the network will further empower FJS to deliver tailored solutions and sustainable outcomes for our clients. For more information on Nexia, visit

FJS is a leading audit and consultancy firm based in the Maldives, that works
towards providing the right solutions to our clients including international development partners, government institutions, public and private corporations and small businesses. Established in 2007, FJS provides a wide range of services from socio-economic research, policy consulting and development planning, to management and accounting and auditing services. For more information on FJS, visit

We work in formulating economic growth strategies and consistently engage with public and private stakeholders to formulate practical approaches to addressing economic issues, especially in developing economies and supporting their infrastructure growth strategies and plans.With the growing trend in the construction industry,our services are designed in a way to cover all the needs of our clients. This enables our clients to outperform in the industry and achieve their long term strategy. To this end we provide solutions to enable and enhance public-private partnerships, and business environment and policy reform. In addition,we provide a wide range of services to the private sector such as taxation, inventory management, asset management and valuation, finance raising, and operational solutions.

Taking from our roots, we are a strong advocate for sustainable practices. Maldives pole & line fishing is known throughout the world for such practices and our expertise support to further strengthen the fisheries industry in Maldives have been paving the way for bringing innovations to the industry.
With growing concerns on food security and implementing best practices for increasing the agricultural yield to tackle many issues in the world, our experts are working on enhancing the growth of agriculture in Maldives by providing the much needed technical and technological training and consultancy, including business strategy, value chain development, financial management, and product development and marketing.

The foundation of our Firm has been developed around providing customised solutions and sustainable business models for clients across all segments of the banking, finance, and insurance industries. We use our expertise and experiences to find the right solution,
which is innovative, highly optimized, reduces costs and is future savvy. We assist in providing a range of services to the sector, from regulatory compliance,risk management, application of new and complex International Financial Reporting Standards, to private banking and wealth management solutions.

Our team of diverse experts with experiences working on the development of the public sector are well versed to support governments by bringing together our knowledge, insights and capabilities from the private sector, local communities and decades of experience supporting public sector clients in Maldives. We work with government institutions to enhance their organizational effectiveness and provide our expertise support on socio-economic development plans and strategies.
We have become a leading advisor to many organizations involved in promoting social sector development in the Maldives, and our engagements in this area have enabled us to work with NGOs and international organizations on a variety of thematic areas including economic development, gender equality, employment, and sustainability.

At FJS, we support our clients identify, understand, and respond to changing trends and opportunities in the rapidly evolving consumer and B2B market landscape. We work together to facilitate disruption, enhance business performance and envision solutions on e-commerce, efficient supply chain management, effective management of regulatory pressures and compliance, and in meeting changing customer demands.

We believe with the right support, Small and Medium Businesses will boost the economic growth of the country and to ensure this, a conducive environment should be created for the development of SMEs. Our experts have years of experience working on SME development policy formulation and work with industry representatives and policy makers to create opportunities and a conducive environment to facilitate their growth. We also specialize in providing technical support to budding entrepreneurs to accelerate their business growth, optimize costs and expand into new markets. Additionally, we provide a number of services to assist in their business practices such as accounting, taxation, systems automation, value chain development and training

Maldives, and the world at large, is having to care for the environment more than ever. We understand this and believe in doing so very firmly. Maldives is at the frontlines where environment meets development. With this as our driving force, as our impetus, we provide heartfelt support to our clients to keep developing while they ensure they are caring for the environment much more. That they are delivering products and services that are ahead of time so that their businesses set new standards in supporting the fragile environment to thrive. Our experts are pushing these boundaries through provision of experiences and providing our clients with policy interventions and advocacy on best practices in managing the natural ecosystems, in adopting renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions, in addressing the existential issue of climate change, and moving steadfast towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

From our base of operations, Maldives – one of the world’s most exclusive tourist destinations promoting sustainable tourism, our knowledge and expertise enables our clients to stay ahead in a dynamic and competitive business environment. We work with many reputed clients in the hospitality and tourism sector to help them devise and implement successful business operations and managing their environmental impact through our expertise and services. Services we provide to the industry ranges from policy planning and research for governments and CSOs to investment and operational advisory, tax planning and risk management to corporate sector.