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the future.

We’re a highly recognized, leading assurance and consultancy group that works towards providing the right solutions to our clients including international development partners, government institutions, public and private corporations and small businesses. We provide a wide range of services from socio-economic research, policy consulting and development planning, to management and financial consulting.

With a collective wealth of experience of over 100 years, our team has supported numerous projects which have contributed to the growth and development of our clients. With our engagements, we bring quality to the work with our knowledge and resources as we redefine more innovative solutions for our international, public and private sector clients.

We’re also one of the most established valuation firms based in Maldives. We have partnered with Kanti Karamsey & Co – Mumbai (KK&Co), one of the leading valuation firms in India, to carry out valuation assignments in Republic of Maldives and Sri Lanka.

  • Client-Centric

    Keeping the client at the center of our thinking process in designing solutions, we measure our success to our clients’ success. To achieve this, we believe that the steps taken today are what defines tomorrow, and we lead the ambition of our clients to adapt, progress and dominate with our personalised and intimate service touch points focusing on a lasting relationship.

  • Innovative

    The world is constantly changing, adapting, and we are continually seeking new and better ways to serve our clients. To maintain our specialised services, we keep evolving, developing new capabilities and applying new technology and working methods while focusing on delivering a practical solution, which equips our clients to grow and become market leaders.

  • Result Oriented

    Engaging with our clients to give them results rather than reports has been a defining principle of our service. Our team focuses on achieving positive outcomes in all our engagements, delivering tangible results for clients and assuring that we fulfill our commitments to them.


From our base of operations, Maldives - one of the world's most exclusive tourist destinations promoting sustainable tourism.

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